Michael Jordan

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Collaboration & Teamwork

A cohesive team is best suited to help high achievers make smart choices about their careers on and off the field. We work in partnerships with leading experts from various sectors to ensure each athlete is provided with a bespoke strategy that works for them as no athlete is the same.

Family First

Achieving fame and fortune at a tender age can impact both the young talent and their family members. We offer continuous care and support for all involved. Being aware of the fickle nature of creative industries, we also work with families to secure future financial security for their child.

Our Four Pillars

Full Service Sports & Entertainment Consultancy

Avalon is uniquely set up to cover everything our talents needs to build a lifelong successful career and brand


Talent Representation

Player Development Plan and Coaching


Media & Commercials

Personal Branding and Sponsorships


Legal Security & Protection

Contract Negotiating and Image Rights


Avalon Advisory & Consultancy

Wealth Management and Family Support

Your Support

Our Leadership, Our Family

Bhavish Patel

Bhavish Patel

Entertainment Advisor
Gordon Egwu

Gordon Egwu


What Leaders Say About Avalon

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